Dungeon Heroes

Some information for our English speakers

The Locatios our fantasy indoor world is welcoming you.

The quests you are challenging in our Dungeon Heroes® (Heldenverlies® – Munich) and your Phoenixburg®  are written in German.

But nothing to worry. If your children go to school in Germany, they won’t have any problems.

For birthday bookings: If you are worried there German is not deep enough, we can help. We have  English speaking “königliche Helfer” (helper of the king). The birthday child is the king of the day and the helper of the king is helping her or him through the good or dark side of the maze.

When booking the session in our booking tool, just select “königlicher Helfer” and write in our description field: “English speaking help needed”. We will make sure your „königlicher Helfer“ does speak English.

Piraten Labyrinth der Legenden